We start from this date after a long journey studying pharmacy  from University of Griffith in the beautiful city called Gold Coast in Australia. In my dream want to open my own pharmacy then I start the process to open. To be honest to you it was not easy at all to start because of leaking of experience and not know even how to start. It was important moments for me to start because I have to but there are many steps I have to go through it and the most difficult and the easiest now  for us is to choose the location, I know it is 'funny' ,but this was our first challenge. The second one is the government process because we have no information and experience guide us to them at that time and there are no people at least around me know any information about this business because look to new to Saudi society. The third challenge is the design of my pharmacy and bring all the goods and mediation supplier. I start the first time stand as a pharmacist with more of difficulty and challenges leak of how to deal with customers and entering the items brought by supplier to the system and it were most hard time for me because no one help me to handle anythings with me it just me only. After all the difficulty time and challenge I start look after must ever difficult how to find people to start with you which is the human resource specialty. The last but not the least is more difficult than ever is the accounting after couple of months selling we found the cash and deal with the best prices deals need to be done and perfectly otherwise you will lose. I am telling that  because your business is important to start it with more risk and I wish I found someone to help me and this is way I am doing this franchise my business to let other not to have any problems much with this time of challenges in the market and to be safe to anyone start safely as a professional and expert fro the first day in the market. This is a commitment for all the pharmacist and happy job for me to help and stand with my colleagues and anyone else need us for the pharmaceutical market.